All You Need To Know About Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Scarborough

Massage Therapy Scarborough

Some know it as one of the most powerful ways to treat an injury, and others refer to it as a godsend healthcare technique for preventing any injuries at all to the body. There are many ways to describe massage therapy – but one is the most accurate.

Wondering which one?

Well in a nutshell, massage therapy refers to a combination of massage techniques that trigger all the muscles and relax them, whether they have been tensed or in pain due to inadequate postures, sciatic nerve pain, tendonitis in the hands or lower back issues.

The truth is, massage therapy is most commonly used for injuries that occur in muscle groups that don’t get regular exercise each week. For example, lower back pain is a result from inadequate sitting at a desk for 6 to 9 hours a day, where the problem muscle area tightens up and causes problems.

The Objective Of Massage Therapy

The main objective of massage therapy is to reduce pain and stress. There are many different techniques and requirements that are used depending on the amount of pain that the individual is experiencing. Aside from the resources to reduce pain, massage therapy is also great because of the alone time it provides for every person interested in it. Speaking of which, the benefits of this technique are also seen through the chance to rest that this form of therapy provides.

After all, massage therapy is still a form of massage, however more advanced and centralized one. People who come in for regular massage therapy sessions do not only reduce their muscle pain or get rid of the disorder in the long run – they also sleep better and are properly rested. This way, the body heals quicker and the benefit of massage therapy is instantly seen.

Who Is It For?

There is no particular age group of muscle pain related to massage therapy. Everyone can benefit from it, including children of all age groups. Whether it’s used after an injury, chronic pain or only as a preventative measure, this kind of therapy is great for hyperactivity, discomforts, sleeplessness and also helps with growing pains.

The universal target group of massage therapy comes from the fact that for everyone, it is a technique that improves the circulation of blood and brings oxygen and nutrients to the bones. That makes join stiffness and pain fade away and the muscles become more flexible. Generally speaking, massage therapy is a great way to relax and stretch the muscles while reducing tension and cramp.

So, as long as massage therapy is offered by a professional and licensed therapist, it can be beneficial for everyone. The personal health benefits are endless and aside from pain relief, include stress relief and mood improvements.

How To Start With Massage Therapy?

If you are wondering how to start with massage therapy, you should know that 60 minute time blocks are great to see how your body responds to this form of therapy. And while some individuals can be sensitive to some massage techniques and may need only 30 minute therapy, others might benefit most from 90 minutes.

Everyone is different and responds differently to massage therapy. The one thing that is certain is that everyone can benefit from it and it can be used to treat many conditions. Also, there are many different types of massage therapy that are personalized to the client’s condition and specific needs, including injury massage, couples massage therapy, pregnancy massage, sports massage etc.

Get Your Pain Out – And Improve Your Mood Through Massage Therapy

You may not be aware of it yet – but massage therapy can go a long way for you. It takes a set of pressure, tension, motion and vibration to reduce your pain and improve your mood, while taking the stress and anxiety out of your body. That is what massage therapy in Ontario is all about.

If you are interested in getting a professional massage therapy by a certified therapist in Ontario for your neck pain, lower back pain issues, sciatic nerve pain, deep tissue, sports injury or just injury prevention, you can contact Body Works Physiotherapy at any time and book your appointment.

And if you want to talk more about how massage therapy can improve your mood and condition – feel free to reach us at any time via phone or email!

7 Common Myths And Truths About Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care Scarborough

Chiropractic care Scarborough

There are many people nowadays who believe that chiropractic is a treatment similar to massage or physiotherapy. The truth is, this type of treatment is different and unique on its own. Obviously, the best way to see what a chiropractic can do for you is to find a chiropractor in Ontario or your community.

Still, we know that there can be some questions popping in your head, and you may want answers on the commonly shared thoughts on chiropractic treatment. In order to help you, we are listing some of the common myths about this treatment and explaining them in detail.

Myth 1: Once you see a chiropractor, you need to keep going back

This is certainly not true. What happens when seeking care from a chiropractor is an assessment – as the official document that includes a history and physical examination in order to determine the cause of the pain or dysfunction. From this plan, the diagnosis is being made and the treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the patient.

The treatment plan is the only document where you can see how many times you should see the chiropractor. Aside from insisting on regular visits, the chiropractic treatment is all about ensuring that your body is changing and adapting to the treatment given.

A similar concept would be “I don’t want to see the dentist when my tooth hurts because they will want me to come in every 6 months”.  Generally, most people see the benefits of going to the dentist and choose to return.

Myth 2: Chiropractors are not real doctors

This is also one of the biggest myths out there – and another false claim. According to official law, chiropractors are regulated in all provinces and are designated to use the title ‘doctor’ in Canada and the US. Similar to physicians, optometrists and dentists, they are professionals who are recognized for their extensive training in the area of expertise and are accredited as diagnosticians.

Myth 3: The chiropractic adjustments are painful

If you think that the adjustments or joint manipulations are painful, you should know that this is not true. They don’t actually hurt- but instead – provide immediate pain relief. And even though it’s normal to be a bit nervous about the ‘cracking’ or adjusting your spinal structure during an adjustment, the sound that comes out is believed to be a result from the release of gas bubbles from the joint.

Similarly opening a can of pop creates a ‘noise’ but the end result is a can that is very stiff and hard to one that is soft and mobile.  The adjustment creates more motion in the joint and allows it to move easier with more range of motion.

Myth 4: Chiropractic is only effective for back pain

Chiropractors are not ‘back pain’ doctors – they have a specific focus and knowledge to help a variety of pains and aches. However, since the back pain issues are probably a majority in the world, people believe that chiropractic can only help people with back pain.

The benefits of chiropractor treatment are however greater than helping with back pain – and the wide ranging detrimental effects have been found to overcome a wide variety of health challenges and conditions aside from back pain.

Myth 5: Chiropractic care is too expensive

People who have experienced professional chiropractic care know that there is not price that is enough when it comes to general health and well being. But even aside from that fact, chiropractors are not charging much – and chiropractic care doesn’t cost – it actually pays.

Since it is non-invasive, without any medications to complement the treatment and no surgeries and scans involved, chiropractic care is actually among the most affordable types of treatment you can get for your nervous, muscular or skeletal disorders.

Myth 6: An adjustment can cause a stroke

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of headache, and neck and back pain. It has an excellent safety record. However, no health treatment is completely free of potential adverse effects. Even common over-the-counter medicines carry a risk.
Most patients experience immediate relief following an adjustment, however, some may experience temporary pain, stiffness or slight swelling. Some patients may also experience temporary dizziness, local numbness, or radiating pain. However, adverse effects associated with spinal adjustment are most often minor and short-lived.

Neck adjustment
Almost half of us experience some kind of neck pain at least once a year. Persistent or recurrent neck pain is reported by an estimated 50–85% of patients one to five years after initial onset. Twenty-seven percent of patients seeking chiropractic treatment report neck or cervical problems. Thus, treatment of neck pain is an integral part of chiropractic practice.

There are evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in place for chiropractic treatment of neck pain. For both chronic and acute back pain, the guidelines state that manual therapies, mobilization, and patient exercises and stretches are recommended.

Evidence also demonstrates that chiropractic care, including spinal manipulative therapy, can be an effective treatment for cervicogenic and tension-type headaches. More so, studies have demonstrated that care offered by chiropractors can also decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines. A plan of management should be individualized to the patient’s needs.

Chiropractic has been proven safe and effective for a range of conditions including neck pain. Patients and their chiropractors work together to determine what treatment options appropriately balance risks with potential benefits. Chiropractors work to limit their patients’ risk by performing thorough histories and examinations and frequently re-evaluating symptoms and progress.

Myth 7: ‘It can’t help me because…’

As probably the most common misconception in people, saying that a chiropractor cannot help you equals to surrendering in your life battle. Many people complain being too old, or even blame their genetics and unique case against going to the chiropractor’s office.

However, there have been a lot of miracle cases where the anatomy of the human body was found right, and thanks to the chiropractic adjustments – was adjusted in the right way to relieve from pain and lead to an alteration in the tissue function. Therefore, chiropractors are known as the health engineers and among the many medical treatments that are guaranteed to improve your health.

Is there something keeping you away from choosing chiropractic?

If you are still believing in these myths, let our team at Body Works Physiotherapy prove you wrong – with the expert chiropractic care that has helped thousands of people in Ontario and the surrounding areas to improve their lives and get rid of their pain.

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The 5 Key Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care

Scarborough Chiropractors

Scarborough Chiropractors

In case you didn’t know, chiropractics is a health care profession that focuses on different types of disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. If you have used a chiropractic before, you probably recommend it highly because of a long list of reasons.

Today, we are listing the most common reasons when you need to seek professional chiropractic care and aren’t feeling your best.

1. Chiropractic Is A Safe Therapy

If you are suffering from any problems in the nervous, muscular or skeletal system, you will find chiropractic as the safest therapy available for all types of pain – from back to neck, joint or head pain. In order to illustrate you how safe this type of therapy is…

Did you know that the risk of injury in chiropractic is 1 in 286 million?  If you compare this number to the standard treatments available out there such as medications or surgeries where the risk is 1 in 428 cases, you will find that chiropractic is after all a safe and more effective decision.

2. Chiropractic Is a Certified Profession

In case you are still wondering about the safety of chiropractic as a therapy, you should know that it comes from true professionals in the field. There are generally four reasons why chiropractic is a safe profession, including the following facts:

  • chiropractors have years of schooling and have done clinical work before becoming licensed
  • chiropractors are trained with coursework that includes all aspects of the spine
  • chiropractors continue their education after graduation, completing yearly courses in order to maintain a license to practice
  • chiropractors go with the philosophy that our bodies are capable of healing themselves as long as the right techniques are applied

Therefore, it is safe to say that chiropractors are today’s real body professionals, and will do everything to make your disorder or pain disappear.

3. Chiropractic Is Affordable

A lot of patients have saved money and improved their health while preventing pain – by going to a chiropractor’s office. When viewed as a separate treatment plan, an appointment at your chiropractor is more cost effective than anesthesiology, orthopedic surgeries, neurosurgery, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Because of the fact that medical doctors rely on referrals, prescriptions, surgery, MRIs, scans and hospitalizations, these treatments are expensive. Chiropractic, on the other hand, includes none of them and the costs of it are significantly less than that of traditional medical care.

4. Chiropractic Is Drug-Free And Less Invasive Than Other Methods

A lot of medical doctors prescribe drugs for neck, back or lower pain. These drugs are non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory, known as NSAIDS. And if you think that they are generally safe, you should know that they do have certain risks that are actually serious, including allergic reactions, hives or rashes, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, gastronomical issues and even cancer.

On the other hand, going to your local chiropractic is a decision that is drug-free with no prescriptions. Also, it is non-invasive which means that there is no blood, no scar tissue, no lung collapse, paralysis or injury to other areas of the body – as well as possible death.

5. Chiropractic Has Been Proven Effective For Pain

If you are dealing with pain, chiropractic may be just what you need. Thanks to many studies in the US and other parts of the world, it was found that chiropractic manipulations are effective. A study in California actually found that chiropractic is a decision that comes with 86% effectiveness for lower back pain disorders.

The range of disorders, pains and aches that chiropractic can treat is really wide. From chronic pain issues to spinal adjustments, acute pain and others, the best way to find whether and how a chiropractor in Ontario can help you is to contact them personally.

Speaking of which…

At Body Works Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on our chiropractic services in Scarborough and Pickering. We have helped thousands of people to get their lives back with no pain, strains or aches. Our team of professionals is motivated, trained and experienced to help you start feeling well again.

Contact us today and see how we can get you rid of your neuromuscular or skeletal pain!

6 Types Of Physiotherapy As The Best Way To Heal Your Everyday Pains And Aches

physiotherapy in scarborough

physiotherapy in scarborough

Let’s face it – a lot of people think that physiotherapy in Toronto, Ontario is a method that falls under the category of ‘alternative treatments’. Others even confuse it or misinterpret it as a way of massage or chiropractic therapy.
However, physiotherapy is a lot different. And aside from treating and preventing sports injuries, it can also be applied to patients with constant pains and aches as one of the best way to get rid of the pain and invest in health.

An Appointment With A Physiotherapist Is Your Ticket To A Life Without Pain

There are a lot of people who live with pain and ache, thinking that it will get easier from day to day. However, pains and aches don’t work that way, and they even might get worse if left untreated. The worst thing is that without physiotherapy from the beginning, they can be fatal to one’s health and well-being, and also affect the behaviour and everyday duties
But what are the ways a physiotherapy can help you? In other words, what are the most common issues where physiotherapy always seems like the right answer?

1. Physiotherapy helps bad knees

According to the University of Western Ontario, physiotherapy is among the best ways to treat osteoarthritic knees. Combined with medication, it is a great way to work on the flexibility and strength and directly points to removing the source of the knee pain. Relieving the muscle tightness and tension around the knee and treating it with exercises or stretching, physiotherapy is great for looking at the whole picture when treating bad knees (instead of only focusing on the joint).

2. Physiotherapy can teach you great breathing techniques

Even though you think breathing and physiotherapy had nothing together, our musculoskeletal system is a whole picture and physiotherapy addresses a lot of forms and techniques into it. Examples are the conditions in the autonomic nervous system that control our organs. For example, patients with asthma or sleep apnea can be treated by a cardiovascular physiotherapist and find the breathing control exercises as the best way to improve the mobility of the chest and neck muscles.

3. Physiotherapy relieves pelvic floor disorders

When pelvic muscles tighten, shorten or fall into spasm, they create pelvic floor disorders. The disorders can be caused after pregnancy, childbirth or abdominal surgery – and are crucial in sexual activity as well as supporting the spine and abdominal organs. Physiotherapy helps treating all the possible dysfunctions including painful intercourse, urinary or bowel incontinence or general pain.

4. Physiotherapy treats obesity

The role of preventative healthcare and management of chronic pain through the prism of physiotherapy also includes combating obesity. Obese patients find it easier to exercise thanks to physiotherapy and its function in preventing problems such as sore knees, tendonitis, chronic pain etc.

5. Physiotherapy relieves chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the most frightening conditions for many seniors, but also a present disorder for people with fractures and constant pain in the muscles or nerves. Thanks to physiotherapy and medications, patients were reported to improve their quality of life only after 10 weeks of a physiotherapy program that was initiated in Denmark – designed to improve the balance and stabilize the lumbar spine for women with osteoporosis and chronic pain.

6. Physiotherapy cures back pain

As one of the most common types of pain these days, back pain comes as a result from poor posture, muscle strain or arthritis. The common principles of physiotherapy for back pain include weight management, muscle straightening, mobility and muscle re-patterning techniques. This way, every patient can dynamically treat back pain and cure it over the long run.

Making Physio Work For You

At Body Works Physiotherapy, we are more than proud to provide physiotherapy as the best answer to many problems, as the perfect post-surgery process or as a preventative health care procedure. And even though it takes some time like a few weeks or months to stretch or retrain muscles with long-established bad habit, the results are always worth it.
If you are interested in hearing how our physiotherapy services in Ontario, Canada can help you or a loved one – contact us today and book your appointment!

The Role Of Physiotherapy With Sports Injuries & Related Issues

Body Works Physiotherapy

Body Works Physiotherapy
We all know that physiotherapy is crucial when it comes to sports injury recovery. The truth is, most athletes decide to initiate physiotherapy after their injuries as the most important thing that is going to help them. There are several sports injuries that are known to benefit from physiotherapy. From ligament sprains to muscle sprains, fractures and dislocations – it is all about treating the injury professionally and being guided in every step of the way.

The common process of physiotherapy as a way to deal with sports injuries focuses on personalized and comprehensive treatment plans as the first and foremost step in the program. There are subsequent treatment visits that are also documented and ones that see that the athlete progresses over time.
The physical therapy treatments that are included in almost every sports injury program include but are not limited to:
  • Ice pack applications – icing could be immensely helpful in minimizing the swelling and pain caused by the injury, and is used by physiotherapists as the starting point when treating an injury.
  • Hot pack applications – if the injury does not come with swelling, using a hot pack that is wrapped in a towel is the common procedure for many physiotherapists – as one that is effective in alleviating pain and joint or muscle stiffness.
  • TENS – also known as Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulator, this small battery-operated device directs little amounts of current into the skin or just over the injury, effective for temporary pain relief.
  • Ultrasound – driving sound vibrations directly into the tissues, this procedure can heat up bulky body areas and help the healing process.
  • Massage and stretching – both standard techniques in physiotherapy for loosening the muscles or relaxing them while reducing the tissue adhesions and decreasing the swelling.
  • Range of motion – the ROM exercises are helpful for improving and maintaining the joint’s range of motion.
  • Strengthening exercises – weak muscles are the result of inactivity after an injury, and strengthening exercises are a great way to bulk, repair and maintain the strength of your muscles.
Still, there is one other big benefit of physiotherapy when it comes to sports injuries. Some see it as side benefit – but we like to see it as even the more important part of physiotherapy. It’s called injury prevention.

Physiotherapy As A Standard Routine In Preventing Sports Injuries From Occurring

In a nutshell, physiotherapy doesn’t only deal with sports injuries as soon as they happen. It also helps in preventing them from happening, which is more beneficial to any athlete in the first place. There are numerous examples for this case. From sports runners to tri-athletes, thousands of professionals are ‘saved’ daily with the use of regular physiotherapy to monitor their health and have an in-depth understanding of every muscle in order to diagnose the potential injury even before it occurs.
This certainly sums up the fact that the main role of a physiotherapist is to diagnose and treat acute injuries, but also prevent them from occurring through the process of specific screening. In order to do that, physiotherapists use joint, nerve and soft tissue mobilizations as well as other modalities. The result is a set of treatment methods that are always reviewed and an athlete whose health and stamina is constantly monitored.
Basically, the screening program aims on combining all the results that are then used to set up an individualized rehabilitation program with hands-on treatments and specific graded strength, stretching and other related exercises. The role of the physiotherapist here is crucial in not only recovering but also warming up or preventing other potential injuries in the training season.
As a result, the athlete’s overall muscle and ligament health is more stable and controlled. Performance-wise, the results are also better and the injuries are prevented in the long run.

Contact Us For Personalized Physiotherapy Injury Treatment & Prevention Plans In Scarborough

Whether you are left with a serious sports injury and need instant treatment through physiotherapy or want to maintain your muscle and joint health and prevent injuries from occurring, we are your best hope for a personalised physiotherapy plan that guarantees results.
We specialize in solving your musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries, but also seeing you progress and achieve the desired results. For more information on how our physiotherapy can help you, contact us today!